The Senior Choir, practices on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm and newcomers are always welcome.  Come and join in the singing.  We offer musical leadership at the Sunday morning worship services.

Trinity Tones – a group of people who like to sing, and get together to sing at  special occasions or events.

Second Chance is a contemporary band offering a whole lot of praise every 4th Sunday of the month.

Our time line starts in September of 2000.  Our inception came as a result of a perceived gap in the musical worship at Trinity.  Although Trinity has always had a very strong musical program, it was felt that a more “contemporary” (for lack of a better term) musical group was missing.  With the help of friends, family, Trinity and a lot of prayer, Second Chance was born.

In our time together we have evolved.  Originally we provided a weekly evening service at Trinity, however based on need our way of being with Trinity evolved over time to what we are today.  Currently we provide musical support for the 4th service of the month from Sept – May and it is a gift to be able to share our passion with all those at Trinity.

In addition to our monthly service we have participated in fundraising efforts, joint musical collaboration with other musical groups within Trinity and have been invited to provide musical support at several other events (Faith Festival, U of M St. John’s College, just to name a few).  We continue to provide musical support to Warren United Church 1-2 times/year as they attempt to learn the material in More Voices and continue to be invited back to these congregations to share the music.

Although over the years the faces of Second Chance have changed, the idea remains the same.  Our vision has always been to provide a meaningful, quality worship experience which can facilitate our relationship with God through the use of effective musical support and leadership.  We look forward to the future and remain inspired to continue to move toward our vision with Trinity’s support and prayers.

Group Biography:

Leah Hes:  Vocals

Leah has been with Second Chance since its inception. Her passion for music has supported Second Chance in translating music into musical worship.  Although not formally trained in any way, she has held fast to the idea that musical worship is about “making a joyful noise”.  Leah also functions as the group’s liaison with Worship Committee as well as attempting to keep the week to week functions of the group organized.

Ken Clark:  Guitar/Drums/vocals

Ken has been with the group since inception and has proved to be an essential musical support.  Ken’s gift for music has seen him play several different instruments giving the group some musical diversity.  He has been a driving force in the musical development of this group.

Gord Jones:  Guitar/vocals

Gord joined Second Chance as a much needed second guitar and has been blessing us with his amazing musical talent since.  Gord’s calming vocals and keen ear for harmonies add a depth much needed by Second Chance.  Gord’s experienced guitar playing has allowed Second Chance to expand its instrumental complement and diversify its sound.

Kyle Chorney:  Bass/Drums

Kyle joined Second Chance is 2002 and added to the group the essential bass player.  He brings with him vast musical knowledge and has been a driving force in seeing Second Chance a part of Trinity’s regular musical worship.  Kyle’s love of music has allowed Second Chance to discover several Christian pop songs we do today.


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