So … you’re thinking about baptism for yourself or your children! There are many reasons we begin thinking about baptism and some of those reasons come from our past and tradition. Whatever the reason, we believe baptism to be a celebration – a great joy – to publicly state that you want your child/self to be connected to the United Church and in particular, Trinity United Church. We too celebrate your choice to follow this path at Trinity United Church.

To enable this to happen, baptism is part of our regular Sunday morning worship service and within this wonderful community, we all make promises to do our part in the life of your child/self. Before this happens, we encourage you to meet with the minister (Elizabeth Brown). Usually there are two meetings during which we’ll talk about what we believe about baptism, about the service and people involved, and about the life and work of Trinity United Church. That way you’ll get to know us and we’ll begin to know you too. Since you have chosen Trinity United Church for this baptism, it’s important for you to get to know the community you have chosen. And we want to get to know you too! These meetings will begin that process.

If you are thinking about baptism for your child/children/self, please call our minister to begin the discussion. She’ll answer any questions you might have and you’ll get an idea of what’s involved. It’s the first step on this journey and we welcome your inquiries.

Elizabeth Brown (

Or call the church (204-269-1632) and we’ll put you in touch with her.

Thank you for considering Trinity United Church for this important moment in your child/children’s life. We look forward to hearing from you.

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