Trinity United Church

In the late 1950’s Fort Richmond (then Kings Park) was sparsely settled.  A few United Church families from the surrounding area began gathering to teach their children some basic Christian concepts.  From 1957 to 1963 these parents would meet to teach their children in a one-room school.  As a large area extending from the University of Manitoba to Glenlea was being served, and children needed to be driven to the school, parents soon became involved in a discussion group while the children were in Sunday school.  This group became the founding members of the St. Norbert United Church.  The dedication service for St. Norbert United Church was held on Sunday, November 21, 1965 at 3309 Pembina Highway.

During the growth and changes that occurred during the church’s formative years, the church took on many different faces.  Sunday school classes were held in St. Norbert School until 1975.  When both the church and Sunday school had outgrown this facility they moved to Dalhousie school in Fort Richmond.   The Sunday school was so large some classes were held at Fort Richmond Collegiate.  It was at this time that serious discussion was taking place to consider building a new church.

In 1976, the current property was purchased and talk of building was very much a priority.  After years of hope, prayer and planning the new building was completed in 1979 with a dedication service commemorating the event held on September 16, 1979.  With the new building it was felt that the name St. Norbert was misleading, so the congregation was invited to submit new names and a vote was held to choose the new name.  Trinity (the 3 in 1) was reflective of the three areas it served, i.e. St. Norbert, Fort Richmond and Waverly Heights.

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