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Moment for Tuesday July 12, 2022

A Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving will be held for John Daly on July 23, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. at Trinity United Church. Masks are required, vaccination recommended.

We say good-bye to Steve Taplin as he works his last day in the office on July 15. We will miss him and wish him well as he begins work at Westworth United Church. 

A message from Steve

It is with bittersweet emotions that I am announcing my resignation as your administrator with Trinity United Church.

Last year when I was searching for a job, I asked the Lord to surround me with Christians, and He brought me here to TUC.

And though I give God all the glory, I also thank God for Irma, Nancy and Carolyn, who interviewed me and gave me this opportunity to serve the people of Trinity United Church;

But not only these, for all the people of Trinity United Church that I met, I thank God for:

Minister Elizabeth, who takes care of this church like a parent takes care of a child.  

Bert Johnson who tirelessly performs our hymns every week.

And for the multitude of volunteers who are called to minister in all the various events at TUC of whom I am in awe of, for their like-mindedness and enthusiasm to provide for the sanctuary, the place of worship and the fellowship they love.

I will continue to be surrounded by Christians as I start as the new administrator at Westworth United Church; 

And I will think of my blessings and that I had the privilege to serve all of you at Trinity United Church.

Keep the Lord in your hearts continually.

Steve Taplin

Rev. Paul DuVal will be working 10 hours a week at Trinity while Elizabeth is away on sabbatical. Paul’s contact information is: email:  or cell phone 204-232-2632 (text or call)

Worship: We continue our joint services with Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican (GSA); please bring your QR code and wear a mask.  All summer services will be in person and start at 9:30 a.m.  TUC will continue to also record worship and send out the you tube link to both TUC and GSA. GSA will offer services on Zoom – the service will only be available on Zoom at the time of the service. The link will be sent in the regular Thursday worship email but will not be active until Sunday just before the 9:30 service. GSA offers Eucharist/Communion in all their services. You are encouraged to “prepare you own table” at home with bread, juice, perhaps a candle if desired, to make a sacred place. You are encouraged to visit outside following the service. The GSA services will not be available through Sermon by phone. However, you can join in the service by phone  by calling a local number 204-272-7920. 

The summer schedule is included below:

July 17 – GSA

July 24 – TUC

July 31 – GSA

August 7 – TUC 

August 14 – GSA

August 21 – TUC 

August 28 – GSA 

September 4 – TUC

Sermon by phone: Listen to the recording of Sunday worship by calling a local phone number (204 410 1384); please share this information with your friends who don’t have internet. Over the summer, Sermon by phone will only be available for the services offered by TUC. 

Bomber fundraiser:  We are still looking for volunteers for August 11, August 25, September 10, September 30, October 8, October 28. 

The Fellowship Committee is looking for a volunteer coordinator (or coordinators) for funeral luncheons. The coordinator will: communicate with family to decide on the type of lunch they wish to have served and the costs involved (options are in the brochure); call upon volunteers (from list provided) to help set up before hand, serve during, and clean up following the luncheon; order and arrange for the food to be brought to the church; submit all bills to the office for reimbursement and notify the office of the cost to the family for invoicing. Please call the office or be in touch with Ruth Graham (204-269-0274 – you can leave a message) or Irma if you are interested. 

Here is a new link for donations if you want to help the people of Ukraine:

Food and Hygiene Kits for Ukraine | The United Church of Canada (

Programs at Trinity:

Most programs are taking a break in July and August.

Holy Yoga: Saturday July 16 and 23 at 10:00 a.m. followed by fellowship coffee.

Trinity Walkers: From Maryann Koop: Currently the time of the walk is variable.  Suggestions are always welcome – time and place are flexible. If you have a favourite place to walk, let me know and we will arrange a time to walk together. If you would like to receive emails about the walks, please call the church office or Irma for Maryann’s contact information for where and when we are walking. 

Scripture:  Amos 8:1-12; Psalm 85; Colossians 2:6-15, Luke 11:1-13

Scripture to ponder:  For everyone who asks will receive, and he who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to anyone who knocks.  Luke 11:10

Prayer:  God, we come in gratitude for your faithful promises today and always. Amen. 

Following a meeting on February 23, 2022, the board prayerfully put guidelines in place to open the church building for staff, for worship and for user groups.Masks and hand sanitizing along with safe distancing will be required for all in person gatherings. Committees and programs will determine their meeting on Zoom or in person.

IMPORTANT PROVISO:  The above Motion must be in full compliance with current and future Public Health Orders. 


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