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Worship for Sunday December 19, 2021

Here is the link for Worship for this Sunday:

This Sunday is recorded and in person worship; we are celebrating communion this week and if you are watching online, please have a piece of cracker or bun and a glass of juice or grapes. For in person, worship at 10:45am, please remember to bring your QR code and ID to present at the door.

We hold Bernie Wiens and their family in our prayers as they mourn the death of his wife Bev. We will celebrate Bev’s life on Tuesday December 21 at 10am at Trinity, followed by a gathering at Howden Hall (1078 Red River Dr.); all must be fully vaccinated. In lieu of flowers, the family will be collecting donations for the Christmas Cheer Board or you can donate in Bev’s memory directly.

We hold Bernice Gregory and her family in our prayers as they mourn the death of her husband Clair. 

For those interested in the celebration of the life of John Daly:  To all those friends of John Daly who would like to register for the memorial service on December 28th, would you please contact his daughter Gerry at . She will then send you the registration form. There will be a limit of 100 fully vaccinated people in the church but we are offering a Zoom link as well. Thank you, Gerry Daly 

Upcoming Services: all service links will be sent out before the dates
December 19 – Advent 4 – communion – recorded and in person (fully vaccinated) at 10:45am
December 21 – Longest Night Service – with Good Shepherd – recorded
December 24 – Christmas Eve – recorded and in person (fully vaccinated) at 7pm
December 26 – recorded
January 2 – recorded and in person (fully vaccinated) at 10:45am

Outreach Committee has sent a letter by e-mail to the congregation with suggestions for Christmas giving this year.

Outreach Request: A special request has been made for volunteers to drive a local mom to and from our neighbourhood to St. Amant Centre to visit her son. There have been a few volunteers but more are needed. They are a newcomer family to Winnipeg. She would like to be able to visit daily. Times are flexible but generally in the morning and returning in the evening. If this is something you could commit to even once a week, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact the church office or Beth Anderson at 204-275-5829 or by email at Thanks.

We need your help! This is the time of year when we search for folks who are willing to serve Trinity in the many volunteer opportunities available. We wonder if you will prayerfully consider where you might offer your gifts of time, talent and skills to enable ministry and mission to happen:
The Nominations committee is looking for folks to serve on the following committees; a short description is provided which is not exhaustive but does give you an idea of what they do:
Deputy Chair of the Board – you could share this position and work with another person to learn to chair the board; meets 8 times a year on the 4th Wednesday evening with an Executive meeting the Wednesday before; is a member of the Executive which usually meets 8 times a year; participates in the discussion and decision making of the board;
Christian Education: oversees programs offered at Trinity including ongoing (Sunday School and Youth group, Bible Study, The Big Question) and one time events to enable faithful learning opportunities; meets usually 6 times a year
Fellowship: oversees fellowship activities at Trinity including ongoing (fellowship coffee, Candles with Care, Caring Connections, Trinity walkers) and one time events to enable meaningful relationships that reflect God’s love in action; meets usually 8-10 times a year although during COVID, there have been less meetings
Fundraising: oversees activities and events to raise funds for Trinity; these can be ongoing (Bombers, Guess who is coming to dinner, UC calendar sales) and one time events; meets 8 times a year although during COVID there have been less meetings
Property: oversees all aspects of the care of Trinity’s building – inside and out; these can be ongoing (replacing light bulbs, arranging for inspections, monitoring the functioning of appliances, grass cutting, snow removal, parking lot, rentals of space, etc.) and one time events (replacing the furnace); works with the caretaker to ensure the building is clean and ready for all user groups; usually meets 8-10 times a year 
Stewardship: oversees and reviews the finances of Trinity including ongoing (profit and loss, balance sheet) and working with the bookkeeper to ensure the bills are paid and reports submitted; oversees the annual Stewardship Campaign; prepares the annual budget; meets every month (except December)

Sermon by phone: Listen to the recording of Sunday worship each week by calling a local phone number (204-410-1384). Please share this information with your friends who don’t have internet access; the recording is uploaded on Thursdays and is available until the following Wednesday.  

All Programs at Trinity (Bible Study, Holy Yoga, Trinity Walkers, SSCFF exercise and yoga) are taking a Christmas break and will resume in January.

Know that we are praying for each one of you as you find your way through this time. If you have comments, suggestions, or any thoughts about worship or how you’re doing, please be in touch. Trinity is here for you and we will respond. May you know God’s presence and peace with you as we continue to move through this new reality,Elizabeth

Following a meeting on November 25, 2021 the Board prayerfully decided to begin fully vaccinated worship on December 19th. This motion was passed:

–        All participants (at a service) will have their QR code scanned at the door upon entry (with the appropriate app) and ID will be checked.  The name of each participant will be checked off on the list of congregants.  Any name not on the list will be added and phone number will be recorded.  (As a result of this, all participants, including children, will be noted.)

–        Hand sanitizer to be used upon entry by all persons; and will be used again on departure.

–        All health protocols need to be followed: face masksto be worn properly, covering the nose, mouth and chin all at the same time, by all participants over the age of 5 years; physical distancing between family cohorts to be encouraged; coughing/sneezing to be covered by the arm

–        Singing by congregation/participants will not occur

–        Coats and other outdoor wear to remain with each person, and not hung in the narthex

Children must be accompanied by an adult and must remain with the adult/family/parent for the duration of the service

–        Entry will be via the main (double doors) from the narthex

–        Exit willbe via thedoors at the front of the sanctuary, and congregating/chatting in sanctuary/narthex/entryway is to be avoided

This Proof-of-Vaccination Motion replaces the previous policy of early September 2021.

If you are unable to attend in-person indoor worship, Trinity United Church continues to offer weekly You tube services; Sunday School kits for at-home Sunday School; monthly Zoom gatherings for senior Sunday School/Youth Group, as well as weekly/monthly programs such as walking group, Yoga and Bible Study.

IMPORTANT PROVISO: The above Motion must be in full compliance with current and future provincial Public Health Orders. Volunteers will be available to help you at 10:15 am (asking COVID questions, checking QR codes and IDs, hand sanitizing, ushering, etc.). Check out our great new carpeting in the Sanctuary. 


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