Posted by: jwhes | December 20, 2021

Longest Night service

Christmas is right around the corner. In year’s past, it’s been a happy time as we gather with friends and family to celebrate and exchange gifts and participate in familiar activities. Others find this time of year difficult as we face Christmas without a loved one or are overwhelmed by whatever is happening with our life situation. This year, in particular, is difficult for all of us as we imagine what it will be like with all the changes that seem to occur every day. No matter what you are going through, we want you to know we are thinking of you, particularly at this time of the year. We know this Christmas will be different for you and your family.

Even though our way of worshiping is different this year, we will still mark December 21st as the Longest Night of the year. We are recording a quieter, intimate service that will be available now at this link: for you to listen and take part while gathered in your homes. If you are feeling different this year – for whatever reason – this service of song, silence, reflection, candle lighting and prayer may be for you. This service is meant to be a time where you can sit and breathe deeply of God’s peace. It will be a time to discover what it is we wait for during this time, to name our worries and fears, losses and sadness and to be cradled in God’s love and peace as we support one another. It is our prayer for you that you will find your way to the recorded service and take part as you wish. As well, Christmas Eve will be a service of candles, music, and celebration of the familiar story for the whole family. This service will be posted December 23rd. For those without internet, you may access the services by calling the local number 204 410 1384 and listening to the services. If you have some time on December 24th at 7pm, you may prefer to attend our in person service at Trinity knowing that all who attend are fully vaccinated. There is no need to pre-register but please arrive a few minutes early so we can view your vaccination card and ensure some distancing in the sanctuary.

Please share this invitation with your family and friends as they too are welcome. Whether you decide these services are something you would like to participate in or not, know we will be thinking of you this season. We appreciate this may be a difficult time for you. If you would find it helpful to speak with us, please call and I will arrange to spend time safely with you. 

You are in our hearts as we remember you and your loved ones this Christmas season. Be well and be safe.

Blessings and peace be with you.


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