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Moment for Trinity – Tuesday October 26, 2021

Here is the video for the Trinity moment for this week:

We hold Gordon Smith and family in our prayers on the death of his wife, Gail, last week.
We hold Bev and Bernie Wiens and their family in our prayers as they travel this difficult path. 
We hold John, Joanna and Kim Hes and their families in our prayers on the death of their beppe Johanna Hes.

We know that many people have suffered loss during the past 18 months as we have lived very different lives. Family members and friends have died both from COVID and other health issues; others have experienced losses that are emotional, physical, and spiritual; all these losses have and will continue to affect us and it’s good to acknowledge them. On Sunday October 31, we’ll celebrate “All Saints Day” when we will name those losses, light candles, reflect on our faith and hold each other in prayer. If you have had a loss and would like it to be included in this service, you may email or phone until Wednesday October 27.

The Stewardship Campaign has begun! Each week, watch and listen to the speakers as they reflect on why they love Trinity; print and fill out page 2 of the pledge form (attached here) and return it by November 14th or email or call the office with your wishes. For envelopes, please contact the office or Irma (204 269 1632). We are grateful for every gift given to the mission and ministry of Trinity United.

Scripture to ponder for the week: Jude 2: Relax, everything is going to be all right; rest, everything is coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!

The Outreach Committee would like you to know about some changes that have been made at West Broadway. ** please note: the office is closed Wednesday Oct 27 until after 1pm **

Instead of a lunch program, they are now serving hot dinners Monday through Thursday and are closed Fridays. This decision was made because there are other lunch programs in the neighborhood. Examples of the hot meals are pancakes and bacon, stews and pasta.

They have also made changes to the Emergency Food Pantry and now call it the Wish List Boutique. Now instead of just handing clients a bag of emergency supplies, they allow fully vaccinated individuals the opportunity to come inside and choose items they most need. Suggested items include canned meat, fruit and vegetables, preferably in pull-top cans and individual serving oatmeal packets along with peanut butter, rice, pasta, beans, canned stew, cereal, etc are always needed.Any of the mentioned items will be accepted at Trinity and delivered to West Broadway, once a week. The cart is outside for donations Sunday to Friday mornings from 9-1pm (except holidays). Call the church at 204-269-1632 to arrange alternate times to drop off donations.

Programs at Trinity:
Bible Study: Mondays 7-8pm on Zoom
Holy Yoga: Saturdays 10-11am followed by coffee and conversation until noon on Zoom
Trinity Walkers:  October 26 & 28 let’s walk Assiniboine Forest. Park in the lot at the corner of Chalfont and Grant. As always, if you have any questions or know of a place that you enjoy walking do not hesitate to phone or email and let me know.. All walks start at 9:30 and please call me prior to our walk so that we can walk together.
New! SSCFF have begun their programs for in person and simultaneously on zoom! Mondays are Yoga with Wynn; Tuesdays are exercise with Suni; both are offered 1:30-2:30pm. If you are attending in person, we must follow the health orders for that program. Please talk to Irma for details or to join either program, either way. 

Bomber parking and crosswalks: the Bombers have made the Western final! Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who have signed up for all regular and playoff games! 

Sermon by Phone: Listen to the recording of Sunday worship each week by calling a local phone number (204 410 1384); please share this information with your friends who don’t have internet access; the recording is uploaded each week on Thursday and will be available until the following Wednesday. 

Prayer: Creator God, in the holy mystery that is you, we search for ways to describe our relationship with you, with Jesus and with others. We discover that it is beyond our words yet still we try! May the awesome beauty of your creation remind us of your amazing power in our world. Amen.

Know that we are praying for each one of you as you find your way through this time. If you have comments, suggestions, or any thoughts about worship or how you’re doing, please be in touch. Trinity is here for you and we will respond. May you know God’s presence and peace with you as we continue to move through this new reality,


Following a meeting on September 8th, the Board prayerfully decided to begin in person, indoor service at Trinity on September 12, 2021. This motion was passed:

In-person, indoor worship must ensure: Contact tracing information gathered; COVID screening questions asked; Mandatory masking; Hand sanitizer use; Social distancing between families and individuals; No singing during service; Main floor sanitized following service;

For the safety and health of all people attending in-person indoor worship at Trinity United Church, Trinity United Church strongly advises that everyone attending in-person indoor worship be fully vaccinated. We cannot guarantee you will not contract COVID while attending worship.

If you are unable to attend in-person indoor worship, Trinity United Church continues to offer weekly You tube services; Sunday School kits for at-home Sunday School; monthly Zoom gatherings for senior Sunday School/Youth Group, as well as weekly/monthly programs such as walking group, Yoga and Bible Study.

IMPORTANT PROVISO: The above Motion must be in full compliance with current and future provincial Public Health Orders.

According to the current Manitoba Public Health Orders we can have 100 people on the main floor. Volunteers will be available to help you at 10:15 am (asking COVID questions, contact tracing, hand sanitizing, ushering, etc.). Check out our great new carpeting in the Sanctuary. 


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