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Worship – September 13, 2020

Here is the link to our worship:

We hope this video or print worship reminds you of our regular time together on Sunday.

This Sunday, Sept 13th, is our indoor, in person worship at Trinity; here is a video of what to expect as we worship together: Please visit our website for guidelines and protocols for Sunday worship: or consult the email sent this week, along with a letter from the Executive.

In September, we’ll be collecting fruit for West Broadway Community Ministry; more details to follow.

In addition, we are offering:
Holy Yoga is offered on Saturday at 10am and Monday 3pm.

These are both offered through an online Zoom call and if you’d like to take part, let me know; you can join by computer or phone. Saturday Yoga – when the weather is good – is doing outdoor/distancing yoga at King’s Park and we invite you to be in touch if you’d like to take part.

Trinity United Church’s building will reopen for Trinity and Good Shepherd staff, volunteers, committees, Board and Vestry meetings beginning Sept 8th. Richmond Kings Nursery School opens Sept 8th. Please visit Trinity’s website for the building guidelines and protocols:

The Board has approved Elizabeth visiting in person with COVID-19 guidelines in place. If you or someone you know would like a visit, please be in touch with the church (204 269 1632) or Elizabeth at home (204 275 0014). As always, if you need to talk, we are here for you. While the church building is closed, we are still caring about you and will be there if you need us.

Know that we are praying for each one of you as you find your way through this time. If you have an idea, prayer or story you’d like to share with me, please send it to me at: I am sending out a mid-week, short email with a thought for the day and I’d love to hear what brings you hope, where you see God’s love in our world, and what you find inspirational. If you have comments, suggestions, or any thoughts about worship or how you’re doing, please be in touch. Trinity is here for you and we will respond.

May you know God’s presence with you as we continue to move through this new reality,



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