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Trinity Moment – July 21, 2020

Here is the short video to accompany this printed “moment from Trinity”:
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I am sharing another section of the book I’ve been reading throughout this time. Have you read something that inspires you, brings you hope, or has helped you move through these months of COVID-19 restrictions? I’d love to hear what has nurtured your spirit!

Open the Door; A journey to the True Self by Joyce Rupp begins another section about “Knocking on Every Door” with the quote by Rabindranath Tagore: “The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own.” Each of us is a traveler of the heart. As we traverse the road of life, we come to unknown and unsought doors revealing further truth about our authentic self. These unfamiliar doors of life hide pieces of wisdom, information for our transformation even when we may not understand this for quite a while. What is the alien door that waits for us to knock and seek entrance?

Scripture for the moment: Joshua 1:9: be strong and courageous … God is with you wherever you go.

Prayer: Trusted and wise companion, remind me often that you accompany me. You are near as I walk through each part of the great circle I call my life. you guide me lovingly as I go on my way, as I seek the treasure hidden within my deaths. Strengthen and renew my hope daily. I open the door of my heart to you. I open the door. Amen.

The attached video “If This Time” by Kevin McCormack, given to us by Nancy reminds us of some important, thoughtful words and images and may guide us on our journey. “When you pay attention to the things we are grateful, we forget what we’re missing.

and from Elaine:
May you be safe,
may you be well,
may you be happy even without meeting in person,
with care,
with prayer.

In this moment, know that we at Trinity care about you and your lives. Know that we pray for you, we want you to be safe and healthy and to know God’s presence in your lives. If there is something you need us to know, please call me at home (204 275 0014) or the office (204 269 1632) or email ( ). In this time when the church building is closed and worship is online, it is more important than ever to connect with your friends you normally would see each Sunday. Please consider calling them, emailing or mailing a card with a note telling them how much you care for them. We continue to share God’s love in every moment of our lives.

May God’s peace and blessing be known in your lives; may God’s spirit blow through all your moments and bring you hope; may God’s love be a part of all your being and inspire your actions,



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