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Trinity Moment – July 14, 2020

Here is the short video to accompany this printed “moment from Trinity”:

I have been – like many of you – reading a great deal more these days. One book that I keep returning to is Open The Door; A journey to the true self by Joyce Rupp. The little book lends itself to reading a bit, placing it down and reflecting on its words and images, and then returning to it once again to read a bit more. She explores the rich image of the door as an invitation to growth and awareness, discovering the many ways that doors are a potent symbol for spiritual growth and leads us to search more deeply for their authentic self in a rich relationship with God. During August, I’ll share a little bit of her journey as we travel this new path we’re on.

Rupp begins the introduction to her book with these words:

Do you remember the last time you opened a door? Probably not. Doors are a natural part of daily life. We rarely notice the movement of passing through the space they allow for our comings and goings…yet, doors are an integral part of life.

She invites us to begin a time of discovery by this process:
knowing God is with us, within us, around us as we pray,
touch our fingertips to our:
forehead saying, “open my mind to remember your presence”
mouth saying, “open my mouth to speak your wisdom”
heart saying, “open my heart to extend your love”
hold both hands out, open, palms up, saying, “open my hands to serve you generously”
holding our arms wide open, saying, “open my whole being to you”

I invite you to use this prayer during these summer days, evenings and nights as events, activities, and quiet moments move through our lives. If you’d like to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with me, I’d love to hear from you.

The picture of Marian’s quilt (attached to this email) reminds us of the beauty of colour, creativity and small stitches!

Margaret writes:
We drove out toward Portage and down to Carman on the weekend—-probably the most beautiful time of year in Manitoba with everything so green and the canola starting to bloom in places. Even in these strange times the wonders of nature restore one’s soul.

In this moment, know that we at Trinity care about you and your lives. Know that we pray for you, we want you to be safe and healthy and to know God’s presence in your lives. If there is something you need us to know, please call me at home (204 275 0014) or the office (204 269 1632) or email ( In this time when the church building is closed and worship is online, it is more important than ever to connect with your friends you normally would see each Sunday.

May God’s peace and blessing be known in your lives; may God’s spirit blow through all your moments and bring you hope; may God’s love be a part of all your being and inspire your actions,



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