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Trinity Moment – July 7, 2020

The short video to accompany this “Moment from Trinity” can be found here:
It’s good to be back not only in Winnipeg, not only from self-isolation for 2 weeks, but back to work! Our time away has been restful, relaxing, and a learning and growing experience. Being on holiday for a week away and then compelled to spend time isolating in our home has taught me much about the benefits of taking time away for a while; of discovering new paths through our community (on our bikes); of watching plants grow, day by day, and marvelling in the resilience of those plants; and finding a peaceful moment each day to communicate with God. It’s been a time of hope, anticipation and gratitude.
My great thanks go to the folks who have taken on new duties and learned new skills as they contributed to the last three weeks of “moments” and weekly worship:
  • to Rev. Paul Campbell and his invitation to daydream, to Charlie Powell who encouraged us to look at a difficult story from the bible in a new way, and to Carolyn Pierson who inspired us to sing along with some new and familiar hymns and to all the folks who prayed and read scripture
  • to Harry Johnson who invited us to follow him to the Community Garden, belfry at Trinity’s front door, and the St. Vital duck pond for a “moment” that inspired hope and a connection to creation
  • to Harry Johnson who recorded those moments and the weekly worship and who followed a great learning curve along the way
  • to Charlie and Judy Powell who moved those power point slides seamlessly so we could follow along
  • to Rev. Paul Campbell who was there for anyone to call
  • to Irma and Dallis who helped all this to take place
  • and to everyone who helped out in their own way,
My great thanks and gratitude – it was a joy to watch their creations from my own home.
Right before I left for holidays and study leave, Connie sent me this video (attached) that brings us a wonderful message of before/after in creation; it reminds me of what “time away” means to God’s creation, to us as individuals and as a community.
A prayer I used during these times away that you might also say as you go about your days and activities:
Holy creating God, in this early morning hour, we wait for your presence to inspire, encourage and challenge us to be your children in the world. May we be open to your amazing spirit throughout the day and into the night, listening for your voice, knowing your love surrounds us. With all that we are, let us share that love with all we meet. Amen.
May the blessings of the day – wherever we are – touch our hearts, today.


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