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Moment from Trinity – June 9, 2020

Here is the short video to go along with this moment for June 9, 2020:

The scripture reading for this Sunday is the story of Abraham and Sarah receiving the news from three strangers that they will be parents very soon. it also reminds us of the ministry of hospitality as the strangers are welcomed. Between Sarah’s laughter and the extravagant feast prepared for the strangers, this is a story of God’s abundant grace and love. There is no judgement involved; it is a story of faith in God being active and alive in our world.

As we continue to see, hear and experience the protests (mainly peaceful) against racism in our city and beyond, we are invited to think about our individual response. Please take a moment to read an important message from Rev. Dr. Paul Douglas Walfall, a United Church minister in northern Alberta, whose picture is attached:

Jo-Anne writes and sends this picture:
My eye surgery is complete and now so is this quilt; a good reminder that moving through our everyday – and sometimes challenging – tasks

Carolyn and Jo-Anne write as we enjoy the music attached here:
A school teacher in the town of Banff, AB named Heather Jean Jordan, who has been climbing the steeple of a local place worship, St. George’s-in-the-Pines Anglican Church, each day since the Coronavirus outbreak shut down so much, playing “Amazing Grace” on the bells for anyone within ear range to hear.

A prayer for today:
God of Compassion, be with us in our struggles, and in our joys that we may be ministers of hope to others. Amen

Peace and blessings of music, words, creativity, and struggle as we continue to move through these times,



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