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Moment from Trinity – May 26, 2020

Here is a short video to accompany the printed notes:

This Sunday, May 31st, is Pentecost Sunday! Wear red, yellow or orange and discover the spirit in music, words, prayers in our worships service.

On Sunday June 7th, we’ll be celebrating communion to mark the 95th Anniversary of the United Church of Canada and Pride Sunday. If you have one, bring a rainbow to accompany worship, along with a candle, piece of bread (bun, cracker, or ??), juice (grape, orange, apple, water or ??) so we may participate in communion together, while apart.

One of the resources I receive weekly is directed to people in ministry and I believe it has a message for all of us. I’m paraphrasing the article:
The answer to the question, “what do you need most?” has changed recently and when I ask this question, I’m never surprised at the response. Often the response is not about someone to solve problems or take them away or fix a situation; it is simply that we need someone to walk alongside us. We need a “holy friend.” These are folks who [according to theologian L. Gregory Jones] “challenge the sins we have come to love, affirm the gifts we are afraid to claim and help us dream dreams we otherwise would not dream.” Holy friends are what we all need most right now. Who would you consider to be a “holy friend” in your life? Who are you a “holy friend” to in your circle of people? How do “holy friends” walk with us as we have to stay 2 meters apart? How do we connect with your holy friend?

Barb writes along with her picture:
A picture of a lone Manitoba crocus. It comes for such a short time but lightens our life when it does and reminds of the preciousness of the moment, beauty, and growth.

Joy and Keith Bamford’s son plays in the RCAF band and they have recorded “A Little Help from my Friends” and pictures to let us see their efforts to help in the crisis in Quebec:

Mary writes about a month ago to accompany her picture:
This past week, I have sought “diversions” from my marking of the University paper I received on Wednesday. Of course, I usually get paper copy assignments, but not now!!!I have to read and “correct” and assess on the computer screen. Quite a learning curve! This biggest downside is having to concentrate on the screen–gives me headaches after a while. So that’s where the diversion comes in…
This baby quilt is for the couple in Germany whose wedding we attended — nearly 2 years ago now! She/they are expecting a baby “in late April”. The pattern I used is one I really liked making when we did the NICU quilts, but this quilt is a bit bigger.
The backing is a piece that I had in my stash, and the colours fit perfectly with the colours of the flowers on the front, so I have used the backing fabric for the binding as well.

And Harry writes to accompany his photo:
While in this park, fully in the developed city area as it is, a doe came timidly by. So my resource material includes these creatures and the message that we are co-existing with these lovely diverse creatures, right in our own city locations – we just have to be conscious of them and get out to seek them..

May God’s spirit – that wild, powerful, amazing Pentecost spirit – be a part of your journey this week! Know that God continues to walk with us on our journey – no matter how different it is – and we are not alone.

Be well and be safe,


















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