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March 21 2020 Letter from the Executive of the Board of Trinity United

Dear People of Trinity,

We, as the Executive of the Board, would like to give you an update in a time where social distancing is of utmost importance.

As you are aware, Trinity United Church Board Executive made the difficult decision to close the church building effective March 15, 2020 due to COVID-19.  We did this knowing it would be hard on all of us but it was necessary to keep us all safe.  We have been assured at a recent General Council virtual online meeting that we have made the right decision.

The building closure does not mean we have “shut down”, in fact it is quite the opposite.  In a time of accessible technology, we are offered a great gift of connection even with social distancing. The Executive continues to meet regularly via the Zoom virtual online meeting app to review the situation and make decisions on the most up to date information available.

Elizabeth and Irma continue to serve, working hard to ensure the needs of Trinity are met in a time of uncertainty. Worship is being made available weekly through a YouTube link and this is sent by email to everyone with an email address and posted on our website ( and Facebook page (see below). Elizabeth will connect us regularly to options for livestreamed services through other United Churches as well as the Moderator’s weekly worship. Both Elizabeth and Irma will be connecting with people by phone and through Zoom meetings.

Our links to any online worship and other information can be accessed through our Facebook page:

We have had community members step up and they will be checking in on our physical church building regularly to ensure the mail is brought in, the building remains secure and is well cared for.

Our committees also continue their work as needed with proper social distancing, accessing email and Zoom meetings to support them. Many members are continuing about their work from home and this has allowed us to continue the essential operations as best we can.

As we move thought this time together we will continue to seek ways to connect and strengthen our faith in community.

This time has not come without its challenges so please be patient with us as we work through things. We must acknowledge the financial implications of our building closure for those who give through envelope offering on Sunday mornings. All givings are critical to Trinity and we recognize not physically being able to be together may impact us. If giving remains important to you and you traditionally would offer your envelope during Sunday worship, we ask you to consider other options we have for accepting your donations.

  1. Pre-Authorized Remittance – PAR – allows for an automatic withdrawal directly from your bank account once per month in the amount of your choosing. You can leave a message at the church phone (204 269 1632) and someone will be in touch with you.
  2. Though online donations through This is a secure online site where you can donate online.  It can be accessed directly at this link Or through our Church web page, near the top, on the right-hand side via the “Donate” link.
  3. Cheques can be sent by mail or dropped off in the mailbox. As noted before, we will continue to monitor our mail and cheques will be handled in a timely manner.

We would like to extend our gratitude to each of you. The strength and faith of this community is inspiring and heartwarming. Please stay home, stay safe but don’t forget to connect with one another by phone, email or online.  We may be social distancing but we are never alone.  Please reach out to us if you have questions, concerns or recommendations for us.  We would love to hear from you. You can email the church at or call at 204-269-1632.

Be safe and be at peace,

Leah Hes, Susan Delaney, Karen Wall, Barb Poustie, Lori Clunie-Powell, Elaine Johnson, Elizabeth Brown
The Executive of the Board
Trinity United Church



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